From the Baltimore Sun op-ed page

Mark Newgent writes about education, nothing that with huge achievement gaps in our schools public education needs fundamental reforms.


Red Maryland Poll Still Open

The Red Maryland February Poll remains open until 9 PM this Wednesday. Click here to participate. Results will be announced live on this Thursday's edition of Red Maryland Radio.

The Media Matters Mancrush

A Media Matters writer continues his obsession with Red Maryland.

Charles Lollar further proves his lack of seriousness

In what can best be described as an unorthodox move, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Lollar attacked Republican legislators on tax policy despite not having a well-thought out tax policy of his own.

Meanwhile the Lollar Campaign won a straw poll in Montgomery County on Saturday, after which hilarity ensued.

A Lack of Accountability

The Democrats are continuing to dodge responsibility over this Obamacare fiasco, which is why they have been dodgy on holding hearings into the sordid mess.

Leopold Doesn't Get It

John Leopold's fighting his conviction because and his ban on running for public office because he refuses to take the hint and go away.

Pension Problems

Maryland pays a lot of money to high-priced money managers for a pension system that routinely underpeforms

Blank Space


In his first Red Maryland piece, Dennis the Cynic introduces us to Will Hanna.

O'Reilly vs Obama

Richard Vatz critiques Bill O'Reilly's interview of the president.

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*     Raging Against the Rhetoric: Jackie interviewed gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan talked about the Coke commercial from the Super Bowl, and about her own upcoming campaign.

*     Red Maryland Radio: Greg interviewed Prince George's County Republican Chair Heather Olsen, talked about Charles Lollar's lack of a tax plan, and focused on the potential farce of a John Leopold-Don Dwyer primary.

*     The Red Maryland News Hour: RM News Director Duane Keenan reports on the 2nd Amendment Rally, groups vying for their issues in Annapolis, education construction, and he talks to Dan Bongino on gun rights.

*     The Broadside: Mark talks about the Super Bowl and its commercials, questions if Martin O'Malley actually admitted fault, as well as News of the Weird and Drunk History.

*     Red Maryland Election Focus: Greg talks with Genevieve Lindner, Esq. candidate for the House of Delegates in District 30A.

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