Bisciotti talks about how Ravens are dealing with Ed Reed's free agency

I sat down with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti today at the league meetings and we discussed a variety of topics. The Q&A will be on our site momentarily. However, since I've been getting the most questions about his thoughts on free agent safety Ed Reed, I figured I'd put up his comments that just related to that topic. They are below:

Where are things at with free agent safety Ed Reed and would it be tough to lose Reed and Ray
the same offseason?

Bisciotti: "I don’t think the same offseason matters much. I don’t think losing Ed Reed next year would hurt any worse. We are in a certain salary cap predicament, we’re making commitments to young guys in their second contracts and like Anquan, Ed will found out what the market is and he’ll communicate to
[General Manager Ozzie Newsome] whether he’s willing to come back for Ozzie’s number or whether he’ll get more on the open market, and if the difference is enough that Ed is willing to go to another city at this stage of his career.”

Did you think you were on the verge of losing Reed to the Houston Texans last week?

"I certainly thought that he’d communicate with Ozzie but I wouldn’t have been insulted if he didn’t. We let the same thing happen with Ray Lewis four years ago. Whatever number that is out there, he is going to
have to come back to Ozzie and say, ‘Can you squeeze this number into your cap?’ and Ozzie is going to have to make a decision."


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