Similar to other towns dotting Baltimore County's landscape, Randallstown is a community near the Beltway that is in a transitional period as it cleans up its image to attract residents, visitors and commerce.

Randallstown's streets have seen crime, poverty and decay as the neighborhood struggled through the years, but in more recent times the area has undergone a facelift. Under the auspices of neighborhood associations and local government funding, this suburb has enjoyed some well-deserved upgrades, both superficially and intangibly.

Such improvements have brought a more polished appearance to the roads, sidewalks and other public areas of Randallstown. And with the brushed-up image has come a sweeping variety of new restaurants, stores, housing establishments and services thriving along the Liberty Road Corridor.

Given that business is going well, the deduction one can easily make is that living in Randallstown is steadily climbing in terms of quality and quantity. The majority of the population (approximately 70 percent) is African-American, with the largest minority being white and non-Hispanic, and the median household income is above the state average. Also of note is that housing in Randallstown is extremely affordable in comparison to other towns and counties in Maryland.

Another plus for Randallstown is its location. Just moments from Carroll County, Howard County and Baltimore City, and accessible via major highways, Randallstown is a gateway to all different parts of Maryland, from the quiet rural sprawls to the exciting, lively urban downtowns.

Growth is on tap for Randallstown, completing the transformation from a deteriorated city outlier into a pleasant community tailored to people seeking a place to settle down.
Location: Baltimore County, northwest of Baltimore city

Highlights/Landmarks: Liberty Reservoir, Northwest Hospital, Aquarium Center

Schools: Randallstown High School, Deer Park Middle Magnet School, Church Lane Elementary Technology School, Deer Park Elementary School, Hernwood Elementary School, Randallstown Elementary School

Trivia: Heavyweight boxer Hasim Rahman was born and grew up in Randallstown.

Hip-hop artist Sisqo is also from Randallstown.