Nick Prevas, artist

Nick Prevas is truly an "artist of all trades." The 30-year-old Charles Village resident writes and directs films, works on graphic design projects, plays guitar and sings in the band White Lodge. He even handles communications and media for the American Visionary Arts Museum. Originally from Highland, Prevas tells b that there's no place he'd rather be than Baltimore: "There's just an energy to our city like no place else. I lived in L.A. for a few years and couldn't ever get the vibe there like I can in Charm City. There's no pretense (most of the time), you can connect with genuinely creative and talented people and there's some weird inspiration I get from living here that just can't be put down in words." Through that inspiration, Prevas creates film shorts and music videos that have been shown at festivals and galleries across the country. Most recently, he co-produced a video of artist Scott Weaver showing his 100,000+ toothpick sculpture, "Rolling Through the Bay," which you can see looping in AVAM's current exhibition "All Things Round." Worst pet peeve?Having to wait for Netflix streaming to buffer. Also, $5 bank card fees and people who don't use crosswalks. Last movie you liked/disliked?Liked: "Drive." I sincerely hope Hollywood takes a turn toward this kind of cinema again. It reminded me of how awesome early Tarantino and Scorsese films were. Read more about Nick here.
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