Our wedding is almost here, so this will be my last post as a legally single lady.

I wasn't the best bride, and often joked that writing this blog was the only way I was able to get through my planning: If I didn't work on the wedding, I would have nothing to write about. So thank you to whomever read this -- you forced me to actually accomplish tasks, and we will have a real wedding as a result.

I am sad to move on from this blog, but excited for our wedding to (finally) happen, and way more excited for all the after. I've had daydreams about going home and having a glass of red wine and enjoying a dinner that we cooked and didn't inhale on the way to a meeting or fitting or exchange-of-money-for-services-yet-to-be-rendered. So many women dream about their weddings their whole lives, but trust me -- when you can count the remaining days on two hands, all your thoughts will involve carbs, alcohol, Netflix and your betrothed.

I considered dolling out some advice for my swan song post, but there isn't much you haven't already heard. You know you're supposed to use white strips, compromise slightly with family and friends, not be a monster to others, try to buy local, work out, read every DIY wedding site to save money but end up paying someone else to do it anyway, and to also make sure you keep your Michael's receipts so you can at least return all of your still-wrapped DIY materials.

You also already know that none of that stuff matters, really. Be as considerate and frugal as you can, but make sure your happy place in all of it is the person you're walking down the aisle to.

Thanks again for reading, women of Baltimore. You're going to be beautiful brides.