How about a Dodge Dart on your registry?

Have you heard about the wacky registry trend?

It's true! Brides are going a little wacky with their registries nowadays. Recently NBC's "Today Show" even had a segment about "Registries Gone Wild" where couples asked for things like cars and toilets. Can you imagine?


According to the "Today Show" segment, brides and grooms are using "universal" registries to get anything they want from any brand. For example, you could ask for a Dodge Dart! Or let's just say you don't want the whole car from one guest then you can ask gift givers to put money toward a part of the car, like the engine. Think of what the card could say for that one – "Here's hoping your ride through life together goes smoothly." I guess that's catchy, and hey, if you need a car (or even just a car engine for that matter) then it makes sense.

I guess we're just old-fashioned, but Sam and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target for the usual – kitchen appliances, bathroom stuff, décor, sheets, luggage, etc. Nothing crazy there!

But some would say we went a little wild with our third registry, so maybe we are in this new category and pioneers in wedding registries.

For our third registry we registered through our honeymoon resort in Turks and Caicos. The registry allows guests to contribute to our honeymoon (which is a huge help and much appreciated) or even buy us excursions. So far we have a couples massage and a catamaran cruise waiting for us, not to mention all of the "free" sun, sand and drinks we can handle in one week.

So I guess I've come full circle through this post. While I do think having a car on your registry is a little wacky, adding in a little of the "never before" items is fun, and if the couple wants it, then it must be important to them.

Moral of the story – if you have guests who can afford to buy you a car for your wedding, then register for it!