Monday Meltdown: Tiger's well-timed comeback and 'The Hunger Games' in your hands

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Tiger Woods won at Bay Hill on Sunday, and will try and win on your platform of choice when "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13" hits retailers Tuesday. Try and stay out of the rough this time, Tiger.

News Roundup

•••• "Angry Birds Space" did more than 10 million downloads in under three days. In my professional opinion, that's a lot of flippin' downloads. [@AngryBirds]


•••• Some simultaneous details about the Wii U and "Assassin's Creed III" have been revealed. With so much synergy being promoted between titles like "AC3" and "Ninja Gaiden III" and Nintendo's new console it seems that the image of "kids and families only" might be one Nintendo is looking to shed. [NintenGen]

•••• The classic music of the "Legend of Zelda" series is being immortalized into high culture through the orchestral touring production "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses." The concert will stop at 16 North American cities this summer beginning tonight in Seattle. [The Seattle Times]


•••• Tomorrow Amazon is running video game-related Gold Box and lightning deals all day tomorrow. This isn't a personal finance blog, but this is just a friendly reminder to maybe not spend all of your income tax refund before you actually receive it. [HAWT Wired]

•••• Brick-and-mortar UK retailer GAME is in some serious financial trouble, entering into administration (aka bankruptcy). [Mirror]

On Shelves Tomorrow (March 27)

•••• Even if you weren't watching Tiger Woods capture his first tournament win since 2009 yesterday evening, you've probably heard by now that Tiger is allegedly "back." There was no better weekend for Woods to get a long-awaited win as "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13" comes out tomorrow, with full Kinect/PS Move-enabled controls. Now you can do everything just like Tiger Woods. Take that in the spirit it's intended.

•••• "Gettysburg: Armored Warfare" comes out tomorrow for the PC. Wait, what? This cleverly-titled game lets you replay the American Civil War, but as time-traveling armies who have come back with modern technology. If that doesn't pique your interest, consider that this is an online multiplayer-focused game that is also a real-time strategy/first-person shooter hybrid. Man does this game have a lot going on.

•••• "Capcom Digital Collection" is an eight-game pack for the Xbox 360 that includes seven games and "Street Fighter II Turbo." It's not that the other games in the collection aren't decent, just not nearly as noteworthy. In fact the inclusion of "1942: Joint Strike" is intriguing enough to make me hunt it down on Xbox Live Arcade. If you're hard-up for a retail pack of some Capcom classics, this will certainly do the trick.

Weekly Challenge

With "The Hunger Games" getting the theatrical treatment this weekend (you may have read about it), it seems only fitting that a game would be next to follow. Where there hasn't been a console or PC title announced for "The Hunger Games," it seems almost inevitable. In the meantime fans can satiate themselves with "The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire" for iOS. This free running game has Katniss dashing through the forest, tossing arrows in to tracker jackers and, as one might expect in a "Hunger Games" product, trying not to die. I'm so horrible at this game. If I were a real tribute, the game makers would've given me a 1 out of 12. Give it a try and see if the odds are in your favor.


Really Important Video

After a brief 17-month hiatus, "Mad Men" returned to AMC last night for its fifth season. After you've read TV Lust's recap of the premiere, play this made-for-YouTube 8 bit "Mad Men" game. Hearing the theme in 8-bit style music alone is worth the price of admission. I assume whoever made this inspired game tried to make Joan Harris, but ran out of pixels pretty quickly.