Monday Meltdown: Hell hath no fury like an 'Error 37' message

News Roundup

•••• Just when you thought it was safe to think about football again, “Madden” confirms that “Tebowing” will be included in this August’s release of the game. Look, this is getting out of hand. Everyone knows that Monty Python invented “Tebowing” when King Arthur fought the Black Knight. [NFL]

•••• A partnership between Newcastle University and Limbs Alive, Ltd. uses a specially-designed video game with “next-gen” motion control technology to help stroke victims recover their motor skills. The game is called “Circus Challenge,” because who doesn’t want to bash clowns? [Joystiq]

•••• Well, Microsoft is at the point where they’re once again literally giving away Xboxes. Any college student who purchases a Windows PC of $700 or more will get a free 4GB Xbox. [PC World]

•••• Subscription-based will launch by the end of the month, allowing subscribers to play over 1600 PC and mobile games to their heart’s content. From what I can tell it’s similar to, the difference of course being the subscriber model. And ... hey wait a second. There’s a site called tha put out an identical press release. Hey, here’s another identical one for Aside from a slight design difference, the three sites look very similar. So, maybe don’t give these guys your credit card number just yet. [PRWeb]

Out This Week

“Dragon’s Dogma,” Capcom’s open-world fantasy action RPG, is available tomorrow for PS3 and Xbox 360. While it may seem like another in a long line of swords and sorcery games of late, it has some interesting features like the “pawn” system, which I’ll dive into more when I review the game.

For gamers looking to the future of conflict rather than the past, ”Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” drops on 360 and PS3 before hitting the PC next month. Taking advantage of the Clancy brand’s expertise and relationship with the military, the tactical shooter looks to provide a near-future experience of realism balanced with what is being advertised as an  action-packed multiplayer experience.

Lastly, “Men In Black: Alien Crisis” comes out tomorrow on PS3 and Xbox 360, to tie into “Men in Black III’s” theatrical release. Movie tie-in games are never stellar by any means, but we’ll see how good the movie is in the first place. That’s the real problem with that sort of release is that if the movie is a flop, playing the game is just going to remind you of how underwhelming the property it’s tied to was. Which is a shame, because “Battlefield Earth” might have made a decent video game (but I doubt it).

Really Important Video

Look, I know there are plenty of this “type” of video involving game humor out there, but this one is a Game Cache favorite. Somehow they managed to put together a well-written, well-shot, smart and funny clip within what seems like minutes of “Diablo III’s” launch failures. And the girl is impossibly cute.

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