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This week, we asked about what you would title the story of your life. Here's what you had to say:

"Ungratefully Ambitious"


--ru_ality via Twitter

"After the Darkest Night, Comes a Brighter Day"

--Greg Durant via Facebook

"Diet Starts Monday..."

--simon_hwt via Twitter

"She Did What!!???"

--Vanessa Strickler via Facebook

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Covers gallery

: Show just don't tell your friends about that great cover story they missed with our

"Robcasm: A Special Brew From Your Favorite Podcaster, Rob Lee"

--mastermindrw via Twitter

"The Guy in the Middle"

--typbaltimore via Twitter

"The Ramblings of a Self-Proclaimed Nerd"

--Kayloni Wyatt via Facebook

"While the Baby Sleeps..."

--ajschwarz via Twitter

"Through the Perils of It All"

--gillydakid1013 via Twitter

"The Greatest Story Ever Told"

--JayJay Lessard via Facebook

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