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Couldn't get to M&T? Take solace with our drinking game for home or the bar

Unless there's some sort of football fast we're unaware of (and if there is, that should be outlawed), chances are you'll be eating and drinking during Sunday's playoff game. A lot. So we're here to make it just a bit more fun as you watch the Ravens take on the Texans. Things may be “bigger” in Texas, but our Ravens Playoff Drinking Game™ is better. Enjoy (responsibly)!



•••• When Joe Flacco overthrows a pass of 20 yards or more

•••• Each time Arian Foster fails to pass the line of scrimmage

•••• For every unnecessary mention of Tim Tebow

•••• Whenever the camera shows Poe

•••• Whenever the commentators remind viewers the Steelers lost to the Broncos

•••• When there's a random reference to “The Wire”

Do a shot

•••• If T.J. Yates gets knocked out of the game

•••• Wow, George W. Bush makes an appearance! (one more shot if Jenna or Barbara join him)

•••• When commentators speculate whether this is Ray Lewis' final season•••• When a “Ball So Hard University” poster is spotted

Chug your drink

•••• Whenever Papa John creeps you out

•••• If Ed Reed intercepts the ball (continue chugging until he's tackled)

•••• “I'm Joe Flacco and Pizza Hut pizza is my favorite. Check it out.”


•••• If CBS promotes “Mike & Molly”

Buy a round of shots

•••• If Jake Delhomme gets injured and Jeff Garcia comes in

•••• There's Michael Phelps!•••• At the first spotting of a Fu Manchu mustache

Finish your drink

•••• If Dennis Pitta catches a touchdown

•••• You know what? Might as well finish your drink for every Ravens touchdown (flex your biceps if Ray Rice scores it)

•••• If yet another Texan gets injured•••• When the Ravens home record is mentioned