Meredith Cohn


Meredith Cohn came to The Sun in 2000 to cover commercial real estate after nearly a decade covering politics and business. Most of her recent time, however, has been dedicated to health and medicine, following all the advances in research at local institutions and the launching of the state’s online health insurance exchange. A runner since junior high and a particular eater for almost as long, she tries to keep up on health and fitness trends.

Recent Articles

  • Rainy week heightens concern on Ellicott City's Main Street

    Rainy week heightens concern on Ellicott City's Main Street

    When rain is in the forecast, Evan Brown goes to the numbers. “Six inches of rain in 90 minutes seems to be the magic number when things start to crumble,” said Brown, owner of Portalli’s on Main Street in historic Ellicott City. His business was among the restaurants and shops devastated during...

  • Five Minutes with Neal Fiorelli

    Five Minutes with Neal Fiorelli

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