BaltTech Monthly Survey: Tech companies sound off on No. 1 issue they face right now

For many months, I've been collecting Maryland technology company sources in a public Google document. If you're a tech company in Maryland, it's an easy way to get on my radar. Just add your name and other info to this open Google spreadsheet.

I'm starting to tap these sources for story ideas and surveys. This week, I sent out my first survey question: What is the number one issue facing your business today?

Below are the responses from all who replied, though some are abridged for brevity's sake. I hope to do one of these a month, so if you wish to be part of the BaltTech Monthly Survey, just add yourself to the list.



RUSH Computer Rentals, John Himmelberger: Rush today finds its largest challenge coming from the current stagnant economical climate. Since 1980, our business has been providing a wide array of computer,  audio visual equipment and digital copiers to the Corporate and the Government sectors, either through short term rentals or a long term lease with maintenance.  

Maryland BioCenter: Access to capital is our answer to your poll question. 

SmartLogic Solutions, Yair Flicker: Recruiting.  Our services appear to be in demand.

Direct Dimensions, Michael Raphael: I simply don’t understand why we don’t take inventory of our local successes and foster them anyway we can.  Don’t assume they’re stable and fine as is – ask them what they need to grow even bigger.  I am sure every successful business needs some help and would likely grow if fertilized just a little.

Mindgrub, Todd Marks: I am worried that our politicians are going to rock the boat.  If they would just get out of the way.  Other than that things are peachy.

WeLearn Software, Kevin Gifforn: My number one concern is raising capital to create new and improved products. The mobile app market is a very difficult one to be in and it takes a lot of time and money to create a product that stands out from the rest.

GlobalNet Services, Inc., vice president health systems, Chuck Kramer: Our number one issue at the moment is finding qualified staff in a short time frame. We have been experiencing rapid growth in the last 12 months (> 100%) and most of our hiring has to happen quickly. Unfortunately, we are finding positions difficult to fill as many applicants are simply not qualified. We are delighted to take more junior people and train them to get the skills and experience, but that doesn’t help when we need solid mid-/senior-level people fast.

 Bizelo (and Baltimore Tech Breakfast organizer), Ron Schmelzer: My biggest issue is that we're strapped for people / technical resources all the while boostrapping (by choice). There are very few available technical resources in the area who want to take a risk joining a very early stage startup technology firm without some sort of long-term guarantee or commitment. In this town, equity-based compensation doesn't go far -- it's all about the Benjamins. With limited Benjamins, it's hard to get the tech talent you need at a very early stage without raising capital or getting a ton of customers (the latter preferred).

If you are a Maryland tech company and wish to add your response to the question, send a note to, by FRIDAY Aug. 23rd, 5 p.m. Please keep your response under 500 words. Thanks.

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