Maryland prepares for the medical marijuana business

As Maryland moves to implement new medical marijuana laws, The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is reviewing license applications for marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries to be located throughout the state. 1,081 applications have been submitted for licenses related to medical marijuana in Maryland, including 124 for processor licenses, 146 for grower licenses and 811 for dispensary licenses.

Dispensary applicants, by far the largest group, are mapped below by the legislative district in which they plan to operate. The districts with the highest number of applicants, shown in dark green, have as many as 30 dispensary applicants. These also tend to be the high-population centers of Maryland and include districts containing Baltimore City, Towson, Ellicott City, Frederick and Rockville. While most of the applicant entities are based in Maryland, a number of applicants are also from out of state, including 38 from entities in Arizona, 49 from Illinois and eight from Colorado.

Source: State of MarylandCopyright © 2018, The Baltimore Sun