Lloyd Banks and Pusha-T: Good rappers!

An overlooked song from an overlooked album finally gets a video. “Home Sweet Home,” the Lloyd Banks/Pusha-T collaboration from Banks’ H.F.M. 2, goes down a gritty alley of bleak black-and-white shots of New York City. The video doesn’t show us anything we haven’t seen (Blunt ashes! A dice game! NYPD!), but “Home Sweet Home” is, above all else, a display of chilling rap bars.

Banks, a gifted wordsmith in love with internal rhyme schemes, and an invigorated Pusha-T create a contrast of styles. Banks' slurred words run into each other, densely packed to get the most of his lines; Pusha is a clear-eyed assassin whose concise wording comes through in crisp HD. Rap fans worried MCs have fallen out of love with lyrics should run "Home Sweet Home" back to appreciate both writers' sophisticated form. There's an obvious attention to craft and detail, especially when it comes to Banks:

Pardon my reaction to their corny ass raps,
Keep flirting with death and get your horny ass clapped,
Back from on me, rat tat
Kiss the ring, beat respect out 'em
Bloody heads turn Timbalands to red bottoms
50 bottles just to start, now that's how you do it
Carbon fiber through the Spyder playing "Rider Music"