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Weekend Reading: Lil Wayne's tour, Wiz Khalifa's 'Race,' 'Idol' and more

  • Another essential Pitchfork piece, this time from Tom Breihan: Odd Future Mixtapes. The former Status Ain't Hood scribe breaks down every OFWGKTA release (with download links!). He undersells the greatness of Domo Genesis' release, but that's OK.
  • Karen Rodriguez was voted off "American Idol" last night. A lot of sites do Idol recaps, but if I had to choose one, it'd be Maura Johnston's at Popdust. Easy to read and smart. (My quick two cents on "Idol": I've literally busted out laughing at the TV more this season than any other. Despite Casey Abrams' horrific "Smells Like Teen Spirit" performance, he's still the guy I'm rooting for. Second place would be Pia Toscano, a classic, cookie-cutter "Idol" performer with a big voice. Jacob Lusk is OK, too. Regardless of who wins, their relevance will likely be fleeting.)
  • There's a lot of good South by Southwest coverage out there, and if you poke around enough at the usual suspects, you'll find it. But extra kudos to New York Magazine for sending its music critic, Nitsuh Abebe, to Austin. Abebe, who was hired in the past 12 months (I'm bad with dates), has quickly emerged as one of the most refreshing music critics we have. I'll point you in the direction of his latest SXSW diary (he gets a few digs at Mac Miller).