SunSpot's new Monday Business Report

Welcome to SunSpot's new Monday Business Report.

This new report examines the wide range of issues affecting the people and companies that comprise the Baltimore region's diverse business community. Our goal is to present articles that will spur discussion on the concerns that are important to the area.

To this end, we have inaugurated this report with a discussion of the discouraged worker, a reality that has been hard to quantify statistically, but that describes many who have not been able to find work for many months.

If you are a discouraged worker or have grown frustrated by a lengthy job search, tell us your story.

We are also heading to Catonsville for a look at Han Ah Reum, a pan-Asian supermarket chain that is expanding along the East Coast. Many of the 1,200 weekly shoppers at this store -- whose name means "bountiful" -- are not Asian, attesting to the cross-cultural influence present throughout the Baltimore region.

In addition, SunSpot is pleased to present "This Week," featuring Paige T. Davis Jr., a Baltimore native who is a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley & Co.

Each week, Davis will provide insights into the major local, national and international events planned in the business world, with an emphasis on why they are important to you.

And, as always, SunSpot's Monday Business Report will include articles from the staff of The Sun, as well as from SunSpot’s news services. It also will keep you abreast of the many breaking financial news events and current stock market information throughout the day.

Our hope is that you will find SunSpot's Monday Business Report informative, helpful and enjoyable. If you have any questions, comments or story ideas, please send me an e-mail. Thank you.

Todd Beamon
Business Producer

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