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Kreayshawn's 'Gucci Gucci' isn't what you think it is

Truthfully, I'm perplexed by Kreayshawn, an East Oakland rapper who's friends with Lil B, Soulja Boy and Odd Future. Her image is almost too cool, like she's trying just a bit too hard (why is she wearing that Chicago Blackhawks chain?). She reps something called White Girl Mob. This "Wavey Based Freestyle" is kind of entertaining, kind of irritating. She puts her support behind, um, unique causes. Basically, I'm on the fence ...

Yet I found myself tempering my resistance yesterday when Kreayshawn debuted her new single and video on The Fader's website. "Gucci Gucci" is a real surprise, with its left-field lines, screwed sample and a hook so infectious and funny, it's a menace — "Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada / Basic bitches wear that s--- so I don't even bother." It reappropriates the swag back to the individual and not the high-price label adorning her, and that feels — not to mention, sounds — refreshing. (Maybe her image is just plain cool?) And how about this fantastic (Nicki Minaj?) diss: "Bitch you ain't no Barbie / I see you work at Arby's / No. 2, super-size / Hurry up, I'm starving." Yikes.

"Gucci Gucci" could be a one-off success and Kreayshawn's next song could fail without the wonderfully aligned aspects that make this song so deliriously fun. But there's no sense in worrying about that when we finally have someone rapping, "I got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries." That's swag you can't deny.

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