Jonathan Ogden tackles the task of a new/old position

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens lineman Jonathan Ogden made a name for himself in the NFL at guard last season, but now it's time for the second-year player to re-establish credibility at his old familiar spot of tackle.

With the Ravens trading veteran left tackle Tony Jones to the Denver Broncos in February, Ogden has moved from left guard to left tackle, the position where he won the Outland Trophy as the nation's top offensive lineman when he was a senior at UCLA.

Ogden, 6 feet 8 and 318 pounds, earned all-rookie honors last season. He says the biggest transition is adjusting to the speed of outside pass rushers.

"At tackle, you have to be more precise in your pass sets," said Ogden, the No. 4 overall selection in the college draft a year ago. "I'm still adjusting to the speed of the players. Run blocking is basically the same at both positions, but at tackle you're out there a lot alone."

The left tackle is considered the position for the team's best pass blocker because most quarterbacks are right-handed, thus their blind side is to the left.

Also, guards usually do more power blocking, especially on the right side. Guards also get more double-team help.

"Yeah, I got used to guard last year, but tackle is the position I have played forever," said Ogden. "I'm going through an adjustment period, but things are coming back to me. It's not all there yet, but it will be after the first scrimmage."

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