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Jerry Jackson


Jerry Jackson has been a photo editor for The Baltimore Sun since 1996. Prior to moving to Baltimore, he worked as a photo editor for the now defunct Houston Post and at the Union Democrat in Sonora, California. Jackson studied fine art at Mississippi State University and photojournalism at the University of Missouri.

Recent Articles

  • St. Patrick's Day in Baltimore through the years

    St. Patrick's Day in Baltimore through the years

    One of Baltimore’s earliest St. Patrick’s Day parades may have included an appearance by the patron saint of Ireland himself. If an article in the March 18, 1791, edition of the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser is to be believed, “the Saint made his personal appearance, and honored his...

  • Winter is the best season for birding

    Winter is the best season for birding

    While the days may be cold and gray and the last thing most of us want to do is spend any length of time outdoors, winter is one of the best seasons for birding. Spring migration may get all of the attention (and crowds) but there are many advantages to braving the cold. One obvious seasonal advantage...

  • Antelope tackles mountain biker

    Evan van der Spuy was competing in the Time Freight Express mountain bike race in South Africa last weekend when he became the target of a 300-pound Red Hartebeest. His teammate, Travis Walker, caught the open field tackle on his GoPro helmet cam. Van der Spuy was shaken up but his helmet took...

  • Richmond to host 2015 World Road Cycling Championships

    After almost a three decade hiatus, the UCI World Road Cycling Championships will be returning to the United States. The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale,) cycling's governing body, announced today that Richmond has been named the host city for the 2015 championship. The only previous U.S. venue...

  • NYC cyclist makes his point... the hard way

    After getting a $50 ticket for not riding his bike in a bike lane, Casey Neistat made this painful video showing that bike lanes are not always the safest place to ride.  

  • RAAM update: Leah Goldstein finishes

    Former pro cyclist Leah Goldstein rolled into Annapolis Saturday evening as this year's first female solo rider to finish the Race Across America. After 2900 miles and eleven days on the bike she was still looking pretty strong climbing the rolling hills south of Mt Airy this afternoon when I...