Yes, it’s all the rage and yes, there are great ideas and money saving tips, but it’s time to remind my fellow brides out there that Pinterest is not the end-all to wedding planning. In fact, if you are planning what I like to call a



, I’d strongly advise you to consider these two questions first.

Are you actually saving money with the DIY Pinterest mentality?

Don't get me wrong; you can absolutely save money using the tips and crafty ideas Pinterest has to offer. The costs do start to build up, however, when you find yourself making a sign you don't really need or a decoration that clutters up your space. And let's not forget about the famous saying, "Time is Money." Are all of the extra things you're making worth your time?

Instead, just keep it simple! Pick one or two unique ideas from your wedding board and make them happen. It's always better to do a few things great then a lot of things half way.

Will your big day really be unique if you're simply copying what others have already done?

Think about it! Pinterest is an online corkboard showcasing photos of things people have already made or used. It's a great concept for gathering ideas but if every other bride-to-be that pinned the same hairstyle uses it on her wedding day, will it really be special when you look back? Probably not!

Instead, use Pinterest as an inspiration to make something your own. Add a twist, change a color, use different materials or use the same concept but make it personal to you and only you.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have a wedding board on Pinterest (follow me!) but I don't live by it! I use my board to gather ideas, become inspired and add a little extra spark of creativity to my planning. It's also nice to have a little reminder each day that I'm getting married. But trust me, I'd much rather hear, "Wow, how unique" on my big day, instead of "Oh! I saw that on Pinterest."