I thought Tropical Storm Isaac was already here, in my living room

I had a moment looking around my living room this morning where I thought it looked like a tornado had hit. Maybe it was actually Tropical Storm Isaac.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that Tropical Storm Isaac is likely to form in the Caribbean Sea by Wednesday. (Scott Dance has more on that here.) Who knows if it will end up on the East Coast, but even the possibility of that makes me rethink my storm metaphor.

I'm no fan of hurricanes and tropical storm. I grew up in the Houston area until high school, so storm warnings -- and actual storms -- were not unusual, to say the least. The worst of the lot that I experienced was by far Hurricane Alicia. Our house was fine, but tornadoes shot off by the storm caused some damage in our neighborhood, and my grandparents' condo on Galveston Island was practically destroyed. A couch from one of the units ended up in the pool, and that was an image that has stuck with me for a long time.

Four years ago, when my Isaac was just a couple of months old, Hurricane Ike came barreling through my old stomping grounds. None of my family who still live there had evacuated, and I spent the night glued to storm coverage, hoping to hear that everything was OK where they were. It eventually was for them, though there some shingles lost, some days without power, a couple of days spent with neighbors. Others, of course, were not so lucky.

People occasionally ask if we ever call Isaac "Ike," which we never planned to. But after that storm, the answer was a definite, "No way!"

Now, four years later, it looks like we'll have a storm with Isaac's name whether we like it or not.

But it begs the question: Why would they have a name and its nickname on the storm list so close to each other? There aren't a ton of names that start with "I," but there is more than one.

Have you ever shared a name with a big-time storm?