Cosby still planning to campaign door-to-door with Otis Rolley

Looks like Otis Rolley could get a little more help from Bill Cosby on the campaign trail.

When he came to Baltimore in January to do a fundraiser for Rolley, Cosby said he'd come back to campaign door-to-door with the mayoral candidate.

I checked with Rolley's campaign last month to see if that was still the plan and was told that nothing had been firmed up for a return visit. I also sent an e-mail to Cosby's rep at Brokaw Company, but didn't hear back -- until this week.

Kim Harjo of Brokaw wrote to say this: "Mr. Cosby said after the 20th."

Cosby has a show in Baltimore Aug. 20. I wondered if that meant Cosby planned to go door-to-door a day or so after the show, or just sometime down the road after the the 20th. I asked Harjo and got this response: "Sometime down the road after August 20."

Dan Fee, campaign manager for Rolley, declined to comment.

The whole thing still sounds less-than-firmed-up, but The Cos seems to be sticking by his plan come out again for Rolley.

He'd better hurry. The Democratic primary is Sept. 13.

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