During the IZOD IndyCar drivers meeting this afternoon, drivers were advised to be "extremely smart" when approaching Turn 1 at the start of the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix and on restarts during the race.

"From the second row back, it is going to start braking earlier and earlier," said Brian Barnhart, president of competition and racing operations and race director. "This entire weekend [every racing series] has failed to get through turn 1 so far. Everything from F2000 to ALMS."

Turn 1 has come up in almost every conversation about the temporary street course this week. The cars get the green flag half way down Pratt Street and then head directly toward the turn. The course is 4-to-5 lanes wide on Pratt, but at the turn onto Light Street, the space narrows, like the bottom of a funnel, where one or two cars are that can get through.

Barnhart said most of the problems at the turn were created by "bad judgment" and drivers looking to take advantage of others who are being cautious.

"They're looking at turn 1 as an opportunity to blow past cars checking up in traffic," Barnhart said.

He added there is potential to block the entire track very easily as narrow as it is in the corner.

"We can actually get a double blockage if the cars going through the run off don't make it around the corner," he said.