Race for governor poll questions

Looking ahead to next year's general election for governor, would you vote for Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. or Martin O'Malley?
April 2005Jan. 2005O'Malley45%40%Ehrlich39%40%Undecided/Not sure16%20%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is handling his job as governor?
April 2005Jan. 2005Approve51%54%Disapprove38%31%Not sure11%17%

Do you think the governor is doing an excellent, good, only fair, or poor job in these areas:
ExcellentGoodFairPoorWorking well with the state legislature6%27%29%31%Handling the tough issues12%32%29%20%Communicating his priorities to the public16%42%25%14% Protecting the environment and the bay8%35%24%20%

Recently, an adviser to Ehrlich, Joseph Steffen Jr. was forced to resign from state government for spreading rumors on the Internet about a potential opponent of the governor. Were you aware of this controversy or not? Would you say you have followed the Steffen controversy closely, or not so closely?
Aware, followed closely35%Aware, not so closely43% Not aware at all21%

Are you inclined to believe that Mr. Steffen's actions are part of a broader pattern of behavior within the Ehrlich administration, or do you think he was one person acting strictly on his own?
Broader pattern31%On his own50%Not sure18

Looking ahead to next year's primary election for governor, for whom would you vote if the candidates were Doug Duncan and Martin O'Malley?
Duncan25%O'Malley45%Undecided/Not sure29%

In the general election for governor, would you vote for Bob Ehrlich or Doug Duncan? (Asked 1/04, 1/05)Ehrlich44%Duncan38%Undecided/Not sure18%

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