Race for governor poll questions

Looking ahead to next year's general election for governor, would you vote for Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. or Martin O'Malley?
April 2005Jan. 2005
Undecided/Not sure16%20%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is handlinghis job as governor?
April 2005Jan. 2005
Not sure11%17%

Do you think the governor is doing an excellent, good, only fair, orpoor job in these areas:
Working well with the state legislature6%27%29%31%
Handling the tough issues12%32%29%20%
Communicating his priorities to the public16%42%25%14%
Protecting the environment and the bay8%35%24%20%

Recently, an adviser to Ehrlich, Joseph Steffen Jr. was forced to resign from state government for spreading rumors on the Internet about a potential opponent of the governor. Were you aware of this controversy or not? Would you say you have followed the Steffen controversy closely, or not so closely?
Aware, followed closely35%
Aware, not so closely43%
Not aware at all21%

Are you inclined to believe that Mr. Steffen's actions are part of abroader pattern of behavior within the Ehrlich administration, or do youthink he was one person acting strictly on his own?
Broader pattern31%
On his own50%
Not sure18

Looking ahead to next year's primary election for governor, for whomwould you vote if the candidates were Doug Duncan and Martin O'Malley?
Undecided/Not sure29%

In the general election for governor, would you vote for Bob Ehrlichor Doug Duncan? (Asked 1/04, 1/05)
Undecided/Not sure18%
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