Five Orioles stats that stand out -- the Manny Machado edition

When considering the career trajectory of Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, so much credence is given to the idea that he’s still in his age-23 season, and if he’s this good now, imagine what he could become.

Somehow, that doesn’t do justice to what he is now — a legitimate MVP candidate who is already at the second stage of such a career: Teams know about him and treat him like one of the league’s best players, and yet he still produces.

It will ultimately take the Orioles winning their division for Machado to be as strong of a candidate for MVP as he should be, but that shouldn’t detract from what he’s accomplishing, and the circumstances that impact that.

This week’s five stats that stand out focus on what has made Machado’s 2016 so special as the Orioles enter the stretch run.

Jon Meoli
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