What happened to Facebook and why is Adrienne Maloof out for blood? The web wants to know

The conspiracy theorists are out in force after both Facebook and Google had technical issues yesterday. The outages of various services including Gmail appear to be unrelated. Facebook was down for about 20 minutes for some users and is back this morning. Google problems were more extensive, but they too appear to be resolved. But thankfully, Twitter has been unaffected and able to feed the paranoia. 

Last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured a bombshell about the normally boring yet glittery Adrienne Maloof. But in a bit of crafty editing on Bravo's part, no one was able to hear the super catty comment that lead to the Jerry Springer-esque bleep-off. Like a Shakespearean drama, the most dramatic moment didn't appear on screen. Yes that is the first and last time anyone will compare the Real Housewives franchise to Shakespeare. Sorry Bill. 

Beyonce (a.k.a. Queen B., Sasha Fierce, Mrs. Jay Z.) is now a "global partner" with Pepsi. What that means is anyone's guess but we're supposed be really, really impressed (and drink lots of Pepsi). 

In other assorted news: Prada wearing demon Anna Wintour could become an ambassador, Cory Booker accidentally announced he could be running for New Jersey governor, Baltimore loves MTV's Catfish and Cam Cameron is still canned.


Pepsi (Beyonce)
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Why: How about some Beyonce with your Pepsi? The star and the soft drink giant have become "global partners," it was announced today, in a multi-year deal that is designed to take the singer/actress beyond advertising. We already know we'll see Beyonce at the Pepsi Halftime Show of the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, but now, Pepsi President Brad Jakeman says this will offer her "multiple outlets to tap into in order to express her creativity." [USA Today] 

Adrienne Maloof (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
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Why: Remember last week when Brandi Glanville said if she didn't "nip things in the bud" with Adrienne Maloof things were going to get ugly? Well they did. And the worst part is...we don't even know what it's about! [The Baltimore Sun]

Facebook Down
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Why: What a day. First Gmail was down for around 18 minutes and Google Drive experienced a short outage, and then Facebook went down for many users. [The Huffington Post]

Texans (Patriots, Tom Brady)
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Why: Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes and New England rolled to its seventh consecutive victory while snapping visiting Houston's six-game winning streak. [The Baltimore Sun]

Catfish (Abby)
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Why: In his very small town in rural Georgia, Jarrod always finds himself in the "friend zone" — you know, lots of friends who are girls, but no girlfriends. That is, until Facebook connected him with Abby, a cute blonde who accepts Jarrod for the single dad he is and always knows the right thing to text to lift his spirits after an especially hard day.  [MTV]

Cam Cameron
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Why: Calling it the hardest decision he’s had to make as a coach, John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron on Monday, ending the offensive coordinator’s five-season tenure which was defined by some improvement but overall inconsistency. [The Baltimore Sun


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