The Team:

Russell Brice (New Zealand).


Russ is the expedition leader and the owner of Himalayan Experience. This will be his 11th expedition to Everest. Russ has guided over 35 Himalayan expeditions and is a founder of IGO8000, the association that regulates commercial expeditions to 8,000-meter peaks.

Andy Lapkass (USA).

Andy has been on more than 20 Himalayan expeditions and has summited Everest twice. This will be his second season as a guide on Russ’ Everest expedition. Andy also competes in adventure races. He and Ellen Miller were on the same team in the Borneo Eco-Challenge, competing against Owen West.

Chris Warner (USA).

Chris has guided more than 70 international expeditions. He is the owner of Earth Treks' Climbing Center in Columbia, Md., the largest climbing gym and guide service on the East Coast of the United States. Chris, who lives in the Oella section of Baltimore County, has climbed Cho Oyu and as pioneered new routes on Ama Dablam and Shivling. He guided with Andy and Russ on Everest last year, but failed to summit due to poor weather conditions.

Asmuss Norreslet (Danish).

Asmuss is the 4th guide on the trip. He summited Everest last year via the South Col. On an earlier trip, he did a number of first ascents in the Karakorum. Asmuss works as a guide in the Alps, living near Chamonix.

Roy Hughes (British).

Roy climbed Cho Oyu with Russ in 1998 and has been on a number of other Himalayan expeditions including Broad Peak. He is a retired hotel owner.

Owen West (USA).

Owen lives in New York City, trades natural gas on Wall Street, and is an author, Marine Corps veteran, and adventure racer. He has competed in three Eco-Challenges and was the lonely male on Team Playboy Extreme. You can read all about Owen’s experience in the March 2001 issue of Playboy.

Ellen Miller (USA).

Ellen is an endurance athlete. She has run in the Tibetan Mountain Marathon, the Borneo Eco-Challenge and several other adventure races. She has climbed Kilimanjoro, Mount McKinley and Cho Oyu among other peaks.

Jaime Vinals (Guatemala).


Jaime has climbed six of the seven summits. This is his fulltime job! This will be Jaime’s third Everest expedition. He has written a Central American best-seller about his early climbing experiences.

Marco Siffredi (France).

Marco is one of the world’s leading extreme snowboarders. He has surfed Cho Oyu, Dorje Lhakpa, Tocloraju, Artensonraju and every unimaginable face in the Alps. Marco plans to snow board from the summit of Everest. He has been a hit in Lhasa, skateboarding around town.

Evelyn Binsack (Switzerland).

Evelyn is a certified mountain guide and helicopter pilot. She has climbed the North Face of the Eiger three times, including a winter ascent. This is her second trip to the Himalaya. She hopes to be the first Swiss woman to summit Everest via the North. She will be climbing with Robert Bosch.

Robert Bosch (Switzerland).

Robert is a certified mountain guide and a professional adventure photographer. He has been high on the Everest West Ridge and to 8,300 meters on the South Col. He has summited Broad Peak, Ama Dablam and many other Himalayan peaks. With a grin, Robert says he is here only to work. His hope is to capture Evelyn’s climb on film.

Naoki Ishikawa (Japan).

Naoki spent the last year traveling from the North Pole to the South Pole by skis, kayaks, bikes, boots and a plane (to hop the Drake Passage). He has also climbed six of the seven summits. He is writing a book about his expeditions to the “Three Poles.”

Jess Stock (British).

Jess is a professional adventure photographer. He commutes between homes in Wanaka, New Zealand and Chamonix, France. He has been on expeditions to Cho Oyu, Melungtse (with Bonnington), Mera Peak (which he skied with his wife), and the Golden Throne (on which he briefly held the high altitude ski record).

Keiron Mackenzie (Scotland).

Keiron owns New Heights, a group of outdoor equipment stores in Scotland. He also guides treks and expeditions to the Himalaya. Keiron was on Everest with us in 2000.