Shopping for groceries while you wait

Sometimes, the worst part of public transportation is having to conform to someone else's timetable.

But the U.K. supermarket chain Tesco has found an innovative way to maximize the "unavoidable delay" of commuting. The company installed virtual grocery stores on Seoul subway platforms to allow customers to shop while they wait for their trains.

People take a picture with their smartphones of the products they want, and the items are delivered soon after they arrive home --- eliminating the need to use up limited time after work or on weekends to acquire food.

The virtual store features images of shelves that mimic a real supermarket, so it still satisfies that gatherer instinct that always kicks in for me when it's time to shop for groceries.

But as I've read the comments, it seems the real key would be quality. People like to pick out their own produce and may not trust others to decide what level of bruising is acceptable for a banana --- nearly green, or with a bruise or two.

Do you use grocery delivery? If so, what are the benefits to you, and if not, what would make it worth your while?

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