Apparently Brazil has enough umbrellas or maybe it just doesn't like outsiders sending pointy items in the mail.

The international mail company DHL has sent along a list of items that aren't allowed to be shipped to certain countries. If you send one of the forbidden items, you could find it back on your doorstep.

DHL, which delivers to more than 220 countries and territories, says these items are verboten:

Mexico — computers, liquids and minerals

France — imitation pearls containing lead salts (Mon Dieu, if you're sending a mademoiselle jewelry, make sure it's the real thing!)

Italy — bells, playing cards and typewriter ribbons (Those aren't very good gifts anyway.)

Argentina — furs, television, phonographs (Does anyone have a phonograph anymore to even send?)


Germany -- It's nein to absinthe and pulverized cocoa beans, a dangerous combination in any country.

China — walkie-talkies, bicycles, sewing machines and "any form of media that can do moral harm to the People's Republic of China."