The fastest growing consumer complaints? In order:  Towing disputes, landlord/tenant problems, abusive debt collection practices, telephone billing issues and unlicensed contractors.

That's according to an annual survey releaseed today by the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators.


The CFA's Susan Grant says consumers are still suffering from recession-related problems such as foreclosure rescue scams, and landlords skimping on heat or ignoring repairs to save money.

The top 10  complaints for 2012, according to the survey:

  1. Auto, which includes misleading ads, lemons and poor repairs.
  2. Home improvement, such as shoddy work
  3. Credit and debt issues, including billing disputes, mortgage modifications and abusive debt collectors
  4. Utilities, from billing disputes to service problems
  5. Retail sales, such as false ads, defective goods and problems with gift cards
  6. Services overall, which includes companies not having the required licenses or not performing the work
  7. Home solicitations that are misleading, as well as businesses ignoring the do-not-call list
  8. Landlords failing to make repairs and leaving tenants in unsafe conditions
  9. Internet sales that deceive customers or fail  to deliver purchases
  10. Household goods, which rangse from faulty repairs on appliances to misrepresentations