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Do you know your rights against telemarketers?

Pop quiz:

1.         Telemarketers using robocalls with pre-recorded sales pitches can only call your home phone or cell phone if they get your permission in writing. True or False

2.         Putting your name on the Do-Not-Call list means no telemarketer is allowed to call you. True or False

3.         If you don’t put your number on the Do-Not-Call, a telemarketer can continue to call you unless you submit a written request for calls to stop.  True or False.

The answers: True; False, a company that recently has done business with you can call; and False, a telemarketer must stop calling — even if you’re not on the Do-Not-Call list — if you request it over the phone.

A survey released today by the Consumer Federation of America found that most consumers don’t know their rights against telemarketers. The advocacy group has published those rights online.

“Simple things such as understanding when companies are violating your Do Not Call rights and when they’re not can help consumers detect possible fraud, because legitimate companies usually follow the rules, scammers don’t,” said Susan Grant, the group’s director of consumer protection.


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