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Baltimore consumers' debt falls, but so does their credit score

Baltimore area consumers have reduced their outstanding credit card, mortgage and student loan debt in recent months. Even so, it hasn’t helped our credit scores, according to a new survey by

The site released its latest scores and debt figures for the Baltimore area and the nation.

The average credit scores for Baltimore area consumers was 654 last month. That’s down from 662 in August, the highest score for area consumers in the past six months.

Looking back since May, the average credit card debt in October for area residents was $5,857, according to CreditKarma, compared with $6,238 six months ago. Student loan debt fell from an average of $34,961 in May to  $32,706 in October. Average mortgage debt dropped to $167,964 last month from $173,073 in May.

Auto loan debt remained much the same at $14,891, compared with $14,899 in May.

Only home equity loan debt rose. Baltimore area residents owed an average of $45,624 on these loans, compared with $45,402 in the spring.

Nationally, CreditKarma says, credit scores dropped to 661 in October, or five points down from a year earlier. The average credit card debt was $6,600 in October, down 11 percent from a year earlier. Although, plastic debt started to inch up from September.

CreditKarma doesn’t say why our scores went down when we paid managed to trim our debt. But it will be interesting to see the figures for December after the holidays.


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