Chris Brown, Laura Ingraham end Twitter war

A silly and rather pointless Twitter war came to an end this weekend, when hip hop artist Chris Brown showed magnanimity and took the high road in the feud. 

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham had been ripping Brown for his use of profanity in his music (and his violent encounter with Rihanna). Brown and fellow rapper 50 Cent initially took the bait, but after some back and forth Brown ceased the negativity and decided to be a bigger person. 

"Much love and respect to you and all you do in your life!" he wrote to Ingraham. "... And when you make a mistake in life I hope you have people there to uplift you and support you for trying to be. better!" 

Brown's kind words apparently worked, as Ingraham stopped her attacks and acknowledged Brown is talented. 

"@chrisbrown thnx 4 sweet tweet. Use yr talnt 4 good, 2 inspire, not dgrade. U can still b real w/out f-c-s-b-wrds," she wrote. 

Isn't it nice when we can all get along? 


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