Avoid debit card fees by switching to an ATM-only card

Some people rarely use their debit cards for purchases in stores or elsewhere. If that's the case for you, one way to avoid ever being charged Bank of America's debit card fee is to switch to a plain vanilla ATM-only card.

It's a good option for folks who only use their debit to withdraw money from the ATM. And it provides another benefit: if that card is stolen the thief would need to know your PIN to get access to your cash --- they couldn't use it in a store, either.

A Bank of America spokeswoman told me this morning that customers who want an ATM only card should call customer service or stop into a banking center.

If you're a BoA customer, would you consider switching to an ATM-only card? For those readers who say they plan to switch to another bank, would the availability of ATM cards make you more inclined to stay?