Alex Jones
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A full news cycle after Alex Jones' CNN meltdown, the conservative radio show host -- dubbed the most paranoid man in America -- is still trending. David Bowie's new single is rising up the digital charts and a number of tech stories are gaining traction, fueled by the CES in Las Vegas.



Alex Jones
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Why: It is a rare person indeed who can make Piers Morgan seem understated, but on Monday night conspiracy theorist and gun rights advocate Alex Jones did just that. In what’s become the clip heard ‘round the world, Jones, who started the White House petition (now with over 100,000 signatures) to have Morgan sent back to England, joined him for what could politely be called a “spirited conversation,” but which played more like the unhinged ramblings of an extremist. [LA Times

David Bowie
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Why: The producer behind David Bowie’s first album icomn a decade said he was surprised by the glam godfather’s choice of the reflective and melancholy “Where are we now?” for its first single. The track was released yesterday, on Bowie's birthday, and shot to the top of the iTunes singles chart within hours, and is currently placed number two. [The Independent]

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Why: Intel has confirmed it has partnered with Comcast so the company's future chips will be able to stream live television without the need for additional hardware. Future hardware containing Intel's chipsets will be able to stream live and on-demand Xfinity cable programming without a set-top box. The service will be made possible due to what Intel describes as a "video gateway," a chip component based on an Intel Atom core -- complete with Puma Silicon -- that acts as gatekeeper to authenticate access with a broadcast provider. [ZDNet

Pokemon X and Y
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Why: Nintendo has just announced Pokemon X and Y, two brand-new entries in the main Pokemon series coming to 3DS worldwide in October. These are the first ever 3D entries in the main Pokemon series, built around the features of the 3DS hardware. A short video of the game was shown in a Nintendo Direct broadcast today, showing off three new starter Pokemon, colourful 3D environments and some old favourite monsters rendered in 3D. [IGN]

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  6. baltimore ravens | +80%
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