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Alabama Shakes, Alicia Keys and Christoph Waltz

The weekend's NBA all star game gave halftime show junkies a fix after their Super Bowl withdrawl, Danica Patrick ran a fast qualifying lap, and Christoph Waltz shows everyone the lighter side of Hitler. Welcome to the post-weekend edition of your daily trends.

The all-star game had by far the most related searches this weekend, with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and halftime performer Alicia Keys among the big names sought by online readers.  There was also heavy interest in WWE coverage, the roster on SNL and the Walking Dead plotline.

As the week starts, there's also continued interest in Danica Patrick's Dytona qualifier and the travel of Yoani Sánchez, a Cuban dissedent blogger who's headed abroad.


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The dueling dynamics of nostalgia and novelty permeated this entire All-Star weekend. On the one hand, there were tributes to Michael Jordan, who turned 50 on Sunday. There was appreciation for David Stern, who presided over his 30th and final All-Star Game as commissioner. Fifteen-time All-Star Kevin Garnett even acknowledged the twilight of his career by stating this would "definitely" be his final appearance.
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WWE, #WWEChamber
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Maybe this is the trade off that wrestling fans are faced with -- The Rock, a part-timer, will bring the masses and increase interest, but his matches may not be spectacular every time. It might be spectacular given the parameters he is working with, but it may not be spectacular for his opponent; in this case, this match wouldn't rank high on CM Punk's all-time greatest matches list; or even in the context of great matches in a WWE ring in recent memory. But, there was emotion and some interesting moments, that you cannot deny.
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Danica Patrick
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Danica Patrick isn't just dating one of the NASCAR boys. She's beating all of them. Patrick became the first woman to earn the pole position in the history of the Daytona 500 by running a qualifying lap of 45.817 Sunday afternoon at Daytona International Speedway. Jeff Gordon was second.
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Alabama Shakes, Christoph Waltz
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After playing an SS officer and a bounty hunter in Quentin Tarantino's films, words like "charming", "impish" and even "cute" may not be the first terms that spring to mind to describe Christoph Waltz, but that was the type of energy the Austrian actor threw into his turn at hosting "SNL," playing man-child characters like a game show host who just wants to dance, an emotionally and sexually stunted soul singer and a creepy lovelorn security guard.
Alabama Shakes took the stage on Saturday Night Live last night with a relatively calm physical presence standing in marked contrast to frontwoman Brittany Howard's fierce and howling vocals.
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Downton Abbey
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If you're a big fan, you already knew what was coming in the season finale. But it didn't make it any easier -- or less heartbreaking -- to watch.
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Mindy McCready
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Country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide this past weekend, allegedly shooting herself on the very porch where her fiance David Wilson killed himself last month. McCready's ex Billy McKnight, who has known her since the late 1990s and who is the father of her 6-year-old son Zander, tells "Today" that the suicide did not come as a huge surprise.

Axel is dead (Good night, sweet prince), the Governor strapped it up and gleefully squeezed off rounds on the prison stronghold, Glenn is having major leadership and relationship issues, and Daryl and Merle cut their Oregon Trail LARPing adventure short to return to cell block C. Also, Merle peed on a tree and he and Daryl spit everywhere.
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Lil Wayne
Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's skate park project in the city's rebuilding Lower 9th Ward is off to a bumpy start. The building that houses the park didn't pass a city electrical inspection and had to be re-wired, and only a handful of children are able to skate at a time because of a shortage of staffing.

Happy Presidents Day
We know we're swimming up a creek without a paddle here but there is no federal Presidents' Day holiday. We don't care what your mattress ad says – is that a legal document?
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Yoani Sánchez
Cuba's best-known dissident, blogger Yoani Sanchez, checked in without incident at Havana's international airport on Sunday on her way to Brazil, the first stop on an 80-day-tour of a dozen countries.
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