'Real Housewives of Miami' recap, Cosmic Cheerleaders and Charity Galas

Previously on The Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana tried to confront Karent about the false article she gave to a reporter. Then Joanna got in the middle of their conversation, and proceeded to scream the F word, chase her down the hall and then get into a physical fight. As the Countess Luann from RHONY taught us, "money can't buy you class."

Let's hope that Lea's gala isn't ruined by their scene.


Lea hires a cosmic cheerleader, which is apparently someone who reads energy and color. I'm not sure how you read color, but he's gotten great at saying "a, e, e, i, o, o, u." I was taught those were vowels, but apparently you can also use them to ward off negative energy.  Try it sometime in a very public place, you will get a great reaction.

Because of all the drama, Lea has her cosmic cheerleader, Norman, come to her house. But it seems he is a bad omen, because just a few minutes after he arrives at her house her poor little dog can't hold his head up and has to be rushed to vet.

So there's that happening. The fight between Joanna and Adriana. And a huge charity gala with celebrities and hundreds of guests in a few hours. Poor, Lea.

All the women, except Adriana, gather at Lea's house to see Norm in action. Elsa's mom isn't buying it, she says she can read better than him. She goes up to Norman and holds his hand, starts shaking him and chanting indecipherable things. She tells Norman that he is the combination of two souls. Can I just reiterate that I love Elsa.

Lea confronts Joanna about her fight with Adriana. Joanna says that she didn't start it. Adriana says she did. Well, we have the video, and I'm calling it that Joanna pulled Adriana back and Adriana turned right around and hit her—which is what Adriana said.

Karent and Joanna go to the gala together because Roman refuses to speak with Joanna, let alone go to the gala with her. And while we're talking boyfriends, what happened to Karent's soap star boyfriend, Rodolfo? For a couple that is apparently "so in love" they are rarely together.

Lea wasn't kidding about celebrities at her gala. Queen Latifah, Mario Lopez and Tony Bennett are all in attendance…oh and Joe Francis makes another appearance.

Can I just complain, that only once has Lea explained what the charity gala benefits. You would think she would spend more time explaining the cause. But anyway, in case you were wondering like I have been all season, the charity helps provide education, culture, resources, support and mentoring for at-risk youth.

Ana and Marysol decide to ditch the gala. Marysol doesn't want to attend because of the tension between her and Lea—that no one will explain! Stop dragging it out, already!

Ana admits to Marysol she is having a hard time signing her divorce papers, but says she thinks she is finally ready to let go. Then Marysol shares that she is still hurt by her divorce, and had a hard time seeing her ex-husband recently.

These women can't seem to get it together in the relationship department—well, except Lea and Lisa, they seem to be doing alright.

Lea's charity gala goes off without a hitch. The auction goes well, and Lea is on her way to raising a million dollars. But while Lea is auctioning, Joanna and Adriana are badmouthing each other at their prospective tables.  Adriana is trying to get Joe Francis worked up about Joanna, and Joanna is trying to get Roman to talk to her.  Neither of their plans are going very well.

All in all, the charity gala went well.  There were no dramatic scenes, just a few tears from Joanna and a few curse words from Adriana. Mild, compared to their last interaction.

Next week they're going to really hash it out, so I can't wait for that!