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Roughly Speaking: Newsroom Edition, episode 9:

On the surface, former Baltimore Police Sgt. Wayne Jenkins appeared to have earned his reputation as a rising star in the department for his unparalleled ability to get guns off the streets. But a deep dive into Jenkins and the force in which he operated reveals how the well-regarded cop — and members of the elite Gun Trace Task Force squad he led — manipulated the criminal justice system to rob and steal with impunity over the course of several years.

A portrait of a calculated criminal and a police department that either did not detect the misconduct or chose to overlook it emerges from Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton’s extensive investigation into Jenkins. Based on body camera footage, wiretap audio, written correspondence and court testimony, the officers’ activities started long before the Gun Trace Task Force formed and continued even as complaints racked up against them.

Jenkins and six of his officers now must reckon with their choices behind bars: The sergeant was sentenced last year to 25 years in prison for federal racketeering crimes including robbery, extortion and overtime fraud.

On this episode, Justin Fenton joins Newsroom Edition host Pamela Wood to review key takeaways from the series, explain his reporting process and provide an overview of the road ahead for the Baltimore Police Department. In the next episode of Newsroom Edition, Fenton takes listeners further behind the scenes of how the series came together.

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