Behind the scenes of 'Cops and Robbers' with Justin Fenton (bonus episode)

Portrait of Det. Wayne Jenkins

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Roughly Speaking: Newsroom Edition, episode 10:

Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton spent a year investigating the inner workings of the now-notorious Gun Trace Task Force and the corrupt officers who were robbing people, stealing drugs and ripping off taxpayers for overtime pay they hadn’t earned.

With his three-part series, Fenton dug into thousands of pages of court records, dozens of body camera videos and hundreds of emails and restricted files. But still, some questions remain about how the officers got away with their crimes for so long.

In this special bonus episode, Fenton explains his reporting process and his fight to obtain records and other documents with Newsroom Edition host Pamela Wood — and provides more insight into how ‘Cops and Robbers’ came together.

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