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Three decades after killing his son, Lawrence Banks is charged with murdering his daughter. We examined the cases in between.

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Roughly Speaking: Newsroom Edition, episode 16:


The horrific slaying of Dominique Foster led to a weeks-long search for her killer. Police found the 43-year-old’s body hidden near a dumpster on May 12, missing a head, as well as hands, arms and lower legs.

Foster’s own father, Lawrence Banks, is charged in her death. The 65-year-old Baltimore man was previously convicted of killing his son and another man. According to Foster’s husband and court records, Banks allegedly abused his daughter as a child, threw her through a window as an infant and continued to engage with sexual behavior with her as an adult.


How did Banks avoid longer punishment and, after further accusations of violence, end up reconnecting with his daughter? In this episode, Baltimore Sun police reporter Jessica Anderson joins Newsroom Edition host Pamela Wood to retrace her reporting and research into the suspect’s past.

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