Rappers, it turns out, are big Cal Ripken fans. Hear some of the most memorable verses.

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Roughly Speaking: Newsroom Edition, episode 24:

Baltimore rapper King Los has mentioned local Oriole legend Cal Ripken Jr. in some of his work.

Years after his retirement from the Orioles, Cal Ripken Jr. remains an icon sports world, especially in the Baltimore area. But as it turns out, Ripken’s legacy has inspired more than just baseball fans.

A new project from The Capital uncovered that Ripken’s name appears in at least 50 rap songs, from the verses of Lil Wayne and Jay Z to those of local artists like Baltimore’s Lor Scoota and A$AP Ant.


In this episode, Capital features reporter Selene San Felice reviews why Ripken might have evolved into such a a trendy music reference and shares some of the most memorable rap verses.

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