Roughly Speaking

How an all-Asian American and Pacific Islander improv group in Baltimore is sketching its own narrative

Grant Chang, Kim Le, Jacob Joseph, Sam Brunner, and Brian E. Young are the members of A++, an improv team of the Baltimore Improv Group.

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Roughly Speaking: Newsroom Edition, episode 17:


Asians have long held a place in American media. But the number of Asian actors and actresses to play lead roles in major Hollywood films or television shows has been limited, and few comedians go on to become household names.

An all-Asian American and Pacific Islander comedy troupe in Baltimore, A++, seeks to rewrite the script, carving out its own place onstage to promote visibility in a space where it’s traditionally been lacking. Members Grant Chang and Sam Bruner join Newsroom Edition producer Hallie Miller to discuss race and diversity in comedy, the breadth of choices in today’s media market for consumers of diverse backgrounds, and the power of visibility as a means of sparking reform.


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