What do you wonder about the Baltimore area? You asked. Here's what we found.

Whatever you're wondering about the Baltimore area, chances are it's something your neighbors would also like to know about. Ask us and we'll pick a question to investigate and turn into a story you'll love like the ones below.

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Since you asked: Four Baltimore stories inspired by your curiosity

This week, you’re the producer, as breaking news and transportation reporter Colin Campbell shares four stories inspired by Sun readers' curiosity.

‘Secret’ tunnels are hidden under Baltimore’s Federal Hill. Where did they come from and what lies inside?

It’s true that large tunnels were dug in Federal Hill more than a century ago. But who built them? Why? And why are Baltimoreans so fascinated by them?

You asked: Why is there so much litter in Baltimore? We dug into the city’s trash problem.

As the next installment in a series inspired by readers’ questions, The Sun took a look at the city’s mounting litter problem and the forces behind it.

You asked: How do Baltimore neighborhoods get their names? The origin behind Pigtown, Sandtown and more.

A look at Baltimore's strikingly named neighborhoods and their origins.

You asked: What is lake trout? The story behind the Baltimore delicacy with a misleading name.

As the next installment in a series of stories inspired by readers’ questions, The Baltimore Sun took a look at lake trout, that beloved Baltimore specialty steeped in heritage and tradition.

You asked: What’s really in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor? Here’s what we found.

As the first installment in a series of stories inspired by readers’ curiosity, The Baltimore Sun took a look this month at what’s in the harbor water and interviewed experts who’ve ventured the approximately 30 feet to the bottom.

Your Baltimore questions, answered — on everything from the Orioles to the Jones Falls

Our first article in a series inspired by readers' curiosity explores just what exactly is in the Inner Harbor. But some of your questions have been answered in The Baltimore Sun’s previous reporting. Here’s a sampling of questions we’ve answered in past coverage.