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THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR 1754-63: The series

A three-part series on the French & Indian War (1754-63) in the Lehigh Valley


    The French and Indian War (1754-63) in the Lehigh Valley was a bloodier war than the American Revolution but a war little known and understood by those of us who live here today.

  • The indians: peace to peril

    The Delaware River joins the Lehigh River at what is now Easton and continues its run to the sea, heading south through Bucks County and finally emptying into the Delaware Bay south of Philadelphia. The meandering River Road is surrounded by dense forest, palisades and rushing water that draw the...

  • The settlers: seeking haven

    Carl Snyder, 83, has a farmer's weathered face. His thin lips can be set in a straight line, his square chin cementing an image of determination. His roots here go deep. His family came to Lynn Township toward the end of the 1700s and lived through the French and Indian War, the most dangerous...

  • Pennsylvania's rich land shaped its destiny

    On a stage influenced by the powerful forces of nature, some historians argue, the most important human events are inevitable. Two-and-a-half centuries ago, on the eve of the French and Indian War, Pennsylvania was a land formed over eons and full of promise. Thick forests, fertile soils, abundant...

  • How the war began

    The French & Indian War (1754-63)

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