Letters: Hogan campaign is trying smear tactics on Ben Jealous

Ben Jealous is the Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland. He is a Pasadena resident.

Hogan smear campaign

It is hard to imagine how much money is being spent on those commercials about the unknown amount of money Ben Jealous wants to spend on free college educations. Over and over again they ask, “How will we ever generate that much money?” One idea would be to tax the rich who are paying for all those commercials.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s friends are not the poor who might be the beneficiaries of a free education.


Of course, the architecture of Ben’s scheme to pay for free college would take advantage of qualifiers like – grade minimums, use of community colleges for the first two years, family income restrictions, etc. All things currently used in some of our counties already.

But the smear campaign so early in the election, 4 months before the election, for a man who has such a great likability rating? Now that says something. Another way of saying Hogan will line the pocket of the rich with enough money to recompense them for these repetitive commercials, instead of using the state taxing powers to help the disadvantaged. Just keeping the rich happy should not get Trump re-elected either.


Hogan forcing schools to close and open in line with school schedules for the 1960s, now there is a social issue to push this country into the future! This sounds like the scheme to put lipstick on a pig.

Remember, whatever Hogan’s bumper sticker says, it will not be hard to read on Route 50, because the cars are standing still.




I have read your newspaper since I was old enough to read (approximately 40 years). I would first like to send my heartfelt prayers and condolences to all staff and their families.

I work a mile away from the Capital Gazette newsroom and the June 28 shooting hit home hard. To come back and write a newspaper the following day was a feat that none of us can imagine.

I know that everyone is using AnnapolisStrong for this horrific occurrence but I would like to suggest that you use CapitalStrong. This will stand for your paper obviously and for our great capitol city. Make some merchandise (bumper stickers, hats, shirts etc) for us to buy for a fund to support your employees and needs that your newspaper has at this time (counseling, staffing, etc).

I am positive that your great newspaper and the great citizens of our capitol city will come together and support you in ways that we have never seen. Thanks for the last 40 years & all of the years to come!




Mayor Buckley

On June 28th, a terrible tragedy befell Anne Arundel County. But you wouldn't know it.

By the actions of Annapolis City Mayor Gavin Buckley, you would think this event happened in the city. Within minutes of the last shot being fired and in the days and weeks since the mayor has never missed an opportunity to put himself in front of a camera or to grab the limelight at events.

Then he planned a glitzy concert and rally to further milk this terrible tragedy. The mayor's self-promotion has only added to the tragedy.

Mayor Gavin's conduct is in stark contrast to that of state and county officials who said what needed to be said at the appropriate time and nothing more.




Editor’s Note: The Capital Gazette newsroom where the shooting took place was located at 888 Bestgate Ave., just outside city limits. However, the address is located within an Annapolis ZIP Code.