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Baltimore Sun editors put together free newsletters on a variety of topics:

  • The Evening Sun - Get your evening news in your e-mail inbox. Get all the top news and sports from the
  • The Morning Sun - Get your morning news in your e-mail inbox. Get all the top news and sports from the
  • Dish Baltimore - Get the scoop on that new restaurant, learn about chef changes and discover your favorite new recipe. All your Baltimore food news is here.
  • Weekend Watch - Plan your weekend with our picks for the best events, restaurant and movie reviews, TV shows and more. Delivered every Thursday.
  • Baltimore Orioles Insider - Want to be an Orioles Insider? The Sun has you covered. Don’t miss any Orioles news, notes and info all baseball season and beyond.
  • Baltimore Ravens Insider - Want the inside scoop on the Ravens? Become a Ravens Insider and you’ll have access to news, notes and analysis from The Sun.
  • Politics & Policy - Keep up to date with Maryland politics, elections and important decisions made by federal, state and local government officials.

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On your phone

Download our app (available here for iOS and here for Android) and allow notifications if you'd like to receive updates from us on your phone. With different settings for news, crime, sports, dining and events, you can customize which type of notifications you receive.

  • Tap the gear icon in the upper left corner of the app
  • Select “Edit Notifications”
  • Choose which topics you’re interested in

We'll let you know when there's big breaking news happening, and also share our editors' top picks so you see the best of what the Baltimore Sun has to offer.

On social media

Connect with us on social media to get updates from the Baltimore Sun on Twitter and Facebook. If you don't want to miss a thing, here's how to make sure you see the Baltimore Sun's posts first in your Facebook newsfeed:

  • Navigate to the Baltimore Sun’s Facebook page
  • Click on “Following” at the top (you might have to first click on “...” if you’re on a mobile device)
  • Select “See First”

We share our photojournalists' work on the @baltimoresun Instagram account, and you can see photos and behind-the-scenes of the dining scene in Baltimore at @baltsunfood on Instagram.


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Become an Insider

Sun Insider is a loyalty program for Baltimore Sun subscribers. Only subscribers can enter to win Sun Insider contests including tickets for exclusive movie screenings and concerts, gift certificates, VIP experiences including trips, plus special discounts and priority offers.

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