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Below are results of the contest from The Baltimore Sun's 8th annual celebration of the Baltimore area's online community, originally named "Maryland's Outstanding Blogs," but always best known by the shorthand "The Mobbies." The public nominated and voted online Oct. 12-Nov. 25 to determine the results of the first 14 categories. A Baltimore Sun staff panel chose three winners of the Editors' Choice awards to recognize nominees it felt exhibited extraordinary quality, originality or influence.

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Mobbies 2016 results

Best newcomer infant emoji

Best community globe emoji

Best use for business/organization shop emoji

Most informative thinking emoji

Most creative lightbulb emoji

Most entertaining clown emoji

Most supportive clapping emoji

Most influential flex arm emoji

Best use of video/moving image TV emoji

Best use of photo/still image camera emoji

Best use of audio mic emoji

Best writing pencil emoji

Best design art pallet emoji

Best blog keyboard emoji

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