Around the Web: Advice to occupiers, daytime bars, zombies, serenity in the city

Around the Web: Advice to occupiers, daytime bars, zombies, serenity in the city

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steve Charing OUTspoken: 'Occupy' must harness its good energy

What needs to be done, what would be smart, is for the Occupy movement in the U.S. to follow the model of the right wing's protest counterpart, the Tea Party, and delve into electoral politics whereby these complaints could be effectively addressed by a government that's sympathetic to its causes. ... The Occupy movement needs to harness its own good energy and do more than protest.

The Baltimore Chop: The best bars for daydrinking

Here are a lot of great bars in Baltimore, but many establishments are great for different reasons. The bar that's great in the hour before last call is seldom ever also great before noon. We give you some of our top choices for daydrinking bars in Charm City.

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street News: Saturday: Harford Road Zombie Crawl

Rik and Shannon Marshall, a couple of Halloween enthusiasts, started the Harford Road Zombie Crawl in 2009 after a disappointing crawl downtown. It was their response to underwhelming drink specials and typical costumes ("too many people dressed as Superman and Chewbacca," Rik wrote in an email). Another perk: a non-sponsored crawl would give the zombies control in how much they spend.

The Urban Rabbi: The din of the sukkah

Living in the country, away from people, things are quieter. The city is a place saturated with human and natural events. Living in the New Jewish Neighborhood might just mean getting beyond the "four cubits" of our own desires (as I needed to). How often do we simply take in the fact that our neighbors have conversations to enjoy and things to laugh about?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Investor: Neither is my party and I'll switch if I want to

I have to admit that I've switched parties and may switch again, but I'm getting so confused that I'm not sure which primary I'm supposed to vote in. I guess I should make my life easier and just register as an Independent.

Bmore Musically Informed: Dan Deacon, Celebration tix on sale

The Dan Deacon Ensemble has fluctuated in size and dynamic since its original Bromst components several years ago. On Friday, December 16 in Baltimore, a new ensemble will be unveiled. The new five piece will make it's debut at the Ottobar on the just announced triple-threat bill that also includes Celebration and Matmos.

Dining Dish: Eco-friendly pizza box doubles as plates

Baltimore based Pizza Boli has stepped up their eco friendly game with the help of local supplier, Acme Paper and Supply Company. Pizza Boli is using Green Box products, the Green Boxes' innovative design allows customers to dissemble the box and use the parts as plates, cutting down on waste.

Bay Daily: Young striped bass are up, but pressures remain

A note of caution, however: striper populations often go up and down, often rising with favorable weather conditions in the spring. So don't read too much into what could be a temporary rise in young stripers, which might not survive in such large numbers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Urbanite: Behind the pink ribbons

The project grew to include more women, and became 100 Survivors, a nonprofit website that showcases photos, video, and stories by women currently in treatment for breast cancer or diagnosed in the past three years. It's a moving and powerful testament to the women behind the pink ribbons, and the project itself is full of intimate and personal revelations from women that are both heart-breaking and inspiring.

Baltimore Sports Report: X's, O's and iPads: New Ravens playbooks

The Ravens have gone 007 style with their playbooks this season. They're not printed on paper, feature embedded video and an incorrect password self destructs the data.

Strawberries in Paris: Pumpkin cupcakes the perfect fall treat

And voila! The most perfect little fall treat. The cake part turned out moist, perfectly spiced and very light (think the cake flour helped with that). The cream cheese maple frosting was a bit tangy and a bit sweet and had that je ne sais quoi from the maple syrup. And the candy corn helped out with the fall-ness of this treat too. Can't wait for Halloween!

Scary Mommy: Guest post: Raising a special needs child

I am the mother of a special needs child. I have a ten year old daughter who has pediatric bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, and neurological/cognitive functioning problems. One could say that my plate is full. I will be the first to tell you that it is. Right away I want to say that I know there are mothers who have it worse than me. I am not trying to compete for the title of "Most Messed Up Traumatized Mother." I am here to tell my story.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Baltimore Sports Report: Right now it's better to be a Baltimore fan than a Boston fan

Right now the nation is laughing at a team in the A.L. East and it isn't the cellar dweller Orioles.

The Dagger: Back on the map: State officials present plans for redevelopment of downtown Aberdeen to City Council

If realized, the project's proponents hope it could redefine Aberdeen as a community and re-center Harford County.

Pasta Primavera: Photos: Mates of State, Other Lives, and YAWN @ the Ottobar

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a pretty solid show at the Ottobar. Other Lives and YAWN, two bands I've talked about before, sounded great on record and backed it up live. Big big sounds from those two.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eat. Swim. Shop.: Natty Boh beer cupcakes

Natty Boh has a long history in Baltimore, and while it's not brewed in the Charm City anymore, many people consider it Baltimore's beer. And the super cute one-eyed mascot, Mr. Boh, still winks at everyone from the top of Brewers Hill. So when I decided to bake some beer cupcakes in honor of Baltimore Beer Week, I had to use Natty Boh.

HoCo Connect: The importance of branding

The library has successfully promoted themselves as the "go to" source for any discussion or activity that involves civility through the use of bumper stickers. Can you imagine a group doing anything on civility and not engaging the library?

Baltimore Brew: Mayor's plan to privatize city rec centers gets few takers

The poor response increases the likelihood that dozens of rec centers could be shut down after Dec. 31 unless additional money is found. Hours of operation are expected to be cut at the centers that remain open.

The Forge Flyer: What's your favorite fall farm?

My family just went to North Run Farm to enjoy the corn maze there. I loved it. I told my kids I was going to go back by myself while they were in school. We also like to go to Weber's Farm in the fall. Love those cider donuts and cider slushies! What's your favorite family fall destination?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Red Md.: Romney wins, but so does the entire party and country

This was a tremendous debate, and it is the harbinger of a change in administrations next year.

Baltimore Sports and Life: 25 initial questions for the next O's GM

You have just been hired, and are being ushered upstairs here in the Warehouse for an introductory news-conference with the local media. What do you tell the rest of the organization, media, and a disillusioned fan-base that best articulates your strategy, and vision?

La Casa de Sweets: Pumpkin spice ice cream

Pumpkin spice. Those two words are everywhere these days! Lattes, cakes, cupcakes, breads, muffins, and now…ice cream! So comforting and perfect for Fall, this ice cream is just the thing for all you pumpkin spice lovers out there.

Eye on Annapolis: Groups sue county over zoning

The Growth Action Network has announced that several of its member associations have joined with a number of residents of Anne Arundel County to file a lawsuit challenging the way Anne Arundel County is going about comprehensive rezoning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baltimore Skyline: All hail the Green Route

The much anticipated route for those people who want to get to Fells Point and Johns Hopkins Hospital is only a few short weeks away.

HoCo Connect: Columbia Archives: Telling Columbia's story

Ever wonder about the origins of all the street names in Columbia? The Archives has published a book called "Oh, you must live in Columbia: The origins of place names in Columbia, Maryland."


Baltimore Beat Down: Are extra points really necessary?

Do you think the Extra Point should be either removed from the game or reviewed to be at least a challenge for teams to make?


Eye on Annapolis: Letter: Thanks to an off-duty firefighter

The incredible and calm manner in which he tended to the victim serves as a reminder of the terrible things these first responders deal with each day with such grace. As one of the first on the scene,I didn't get to thank him and would like to do so publicly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Md. Basketball: Where Are They Now?: We're gettin' the band back together

It was ten seasons ago that the Maryland Terrapins men's basketball team won the National Championship. To celebrate the anniversary, this Friday at Maryland Madness, members of the 2002 team are getting back together for the annual alumni game.

Monument City: Photos: Herring Run Park mill building

A friend and I found this strange structure on the western side of Herring Run Park. The empty building is hidden in dense woods near the northeastern portion of Lake Montebello.

Vinotrip: In the news lately...

DC Wine Week gears up for its debut October 15th, with events all over the city.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Says: Why occupy?

A lot of words have been typed about what the point is of the Occupy protests is. I've read that the protesters lack a clear message, a set of wants, demands, or goals for their demonstrations. Relaying general discontentment is fine, but where does it go from here?

The Forge Flyer: How do you handle allowance in your family?

I've looked at this issue before but we've never found a system we like or that we've stuck with and I'm realizing we need to get with the program.

Urbanite: This is your region of the world on drugs

In Baltimore, in America, it is impossible to have a rational conversation about drugs and crime if we believe that policing drug production, distribution, and use has had any meaningful impact on the demand for drugs.

Maroon Blog: The armadillos are coming!

Climate change is being credited with some interesting and unusual side effects across parts of the United States. Armadillos are on the march and heading north into areas never expected by biologists. Scientists attribute the climate-related migration to a warming atmosphere across much of the country.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The combined draw of the mayor's race and governor's race would definitely get more people out of their homes to vote because of the increased outreach a "double main event" election would generate. The general election in Baltimore might actually mean more than it does now under this scenario also.

Maryland Juice: Maryland congressional redistricting winners and losers

Baltimore, despite losing population, keeps control of half the state's congressional seats. Apparently, it doesn't matter how far Baltimore's population drops or how much the DC suburbs grow, Baltimore still rules Maryland.

990 Square: Soup, football, friends: Fall is here!

Sometimes, I think I'm almost predictable to a fault. I know what I like. I know my routine and I like to stick to it. Call me boring, but it's what works for me.

Danielle Scruggs: Celebrating the editing process

I really enjoy the editing process, whether it's with photos or words. Finding the best photo or the right word is like solving a puzzle every day.