Baltimore Sun Android app FAQ


How do I cancel a subscription?

All in-app purchases are managed through the Play Store app. Tap into “My Apps & Games” for list of all your apps, then tap on The Baltimore Sun app. From here you will be able to manage your in-app subscription. To manage a subscription that was purchased outside the app, such as on baltimoresun.com or over the phone, please contact Sun customer service at 888-539-1280 or customersatisfaction@baltsun.com.

Registration / login

I purchased a subscription through the app on my Android device but don’t remember creating a registration.

The Android app does not require subscribers to register after you purchase a subscription. You can go through the registration process by tapping the “hamburger” icon in the left corner of the app homepage. Then tap on Account at the top, followed by Log In. At this point, you will be able to either log in or register for a Baltimore Sun account.


I tried to register and it says "Looks like you already have an account." What do I do now?

The email you are trying to register seems to already be in our system. Try logging in with that email along with the password you initially created.

I can't remember my original password.

Tap on “I forgot my password” from the login screen. You’ll then enter your registered email and will be emailed a link to reset your password. Just click the link in the email and then create your new password of 7 characters with a combination of letters and numbers.

I'm still not able to get in, even after resetting my password. Help!

Tap on "I'm having trouble logging in" from the log in screen and you'll be able to send an email to our support team for assistance. Please be sure to include any error messages or screenshots necessary.

How do I login if I’m registered through a social provider such as Twitter or Facebook?

Just tap on the icon for the social provider you are registered with, located on the bottom of the login screen. Then login with your information for that provider.

Reading content

I purchased an app subscription but am not able to read any stories.

Open the menu by tapping the "hamburger" icon in the top left corner of the home page. Tap on either Account or, if you are logged in, tap on your email address. Tap Restore Subscription. Google will then check that there is a valid subscription associated with your Google account and refresh the settings, allowing you to read stories.

I purchased an Unlimited Digital Access subscription through the app but am not able to read stories on baltimoresun.com.

Open the menu by tapping the “hamburger” icon in the top left corner of the home page. Tap on Account at the top of the menu and verify your subscription level by checking to see what subscription is listed under Subscriptions section. If you do not see a subscription listed under My Subscriptions, then tap on Restore Subscription. Google will then check that there is a valid subscription associated with your Google account and refresh the settings, allowing you to read stories.If it says Unlimited Digital Access, be sure that you are logged into baltimoresun.com with the same email and password that is logged in on the app.

Saving articles & personalized sections

I want to save an article so that I can read it later. How do I do that?

There are two ways to save an article:

  • On the section front: Tap the bookmark icon (ribbon shaped) on the bottom right of the article cell you'd like to save.
  • From an article screen: Tap the bookmark icon (ribbon shaped) on the top right of the article and it will save in your Saved section.

How do I access my Saved articles?

All of your saved items will appear in the Saved section, which is the first section listed in navigation bar near the top of the screen.

How do I remove an article from my Saved list?

Navigate to the Saved section (first section listed in the navigation bar near the top of the screen), then tap the bookmark icon (ribbon shaped, bottom right of each article) to unsave this item.

How can I add a custom section to get all articles from that section?

On the section front, some article will have a custom section associated with it at the bottom of that article's "card". Tap the "section name" button to add that personalized section to your navigation bar on the section front.

How can I access the personalized sections?

Personalized sections are added the navigation bar near the top of the section front screen. You can scroll the navigation bar left/right to see all the sections.

How do I manage my personalized section?

Tap the "hamburger" icon on the top left of your screen, then tap Edit Sections, then tap the 'x' to the left of each section to remove a personalized section.

Settings & sharing

How can I share an article I read with a friend?

Tap on the share icon at the top right corner to get a list of share options. You can message or email an article as well as post it to Twitter and Facebook.

Can I reorder the sections in the app so that my favorite sections appear first?

The sections are displayed in an order determined by our editorial staff. They cannot be reordered.

Will I have access to the eNewspaper through the app?

The eNewspaper, the digital replica of the print paper, is accessible from the app’s navigation menu, but does not open within the app. It will open in your device’s native browser. If you are a subscriber, you may be asked to log in to the eNewspaper to get full access.

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